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Calming River

Alternative, melodic, intimate and beautiful—just some of the words used to describe the music of Calming River, the pseudonym of British born songwriter, Joshua Malcolm. The name may conjure tranquillity but there has always been a latent, opposing flow of tension and strife to be found—a fragility that emanates within delicate confine. Discography: 2017 single 'For The Echoes To See'. 2015 EP 'The Ones That We Left Behind'. 2014 EP 'Afflict and Redeem'. For more information please mail
Calming River
Calming River
Looking for new music? A track of mine, 'The Actress pt. II', is included in the aptly titled 'My Melancholic Moods: Soothe The Sad Soul' playlist on Spotify.

Check it out below:

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Calming River
Calming River
Bridge overhead,
For the echoes to see,
I know you'll be waiting,
But that's a land I'll never be.

Live at Green Note, 11 months ago today.

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Calming River
For The Echoes To See by Calming River (live at Green Note, London)
Recorded February 24th 2019, Green Note, Camden UK. Single available on all major streaming and download sites.
Calming River
Calming River
A couple of friends have released some new instrumental/ambient music this week. Hats off to Shawforn Clarke for his Will Moor album and Doug Wilson for a new track (links below).

Good things come in threes — I also released an ambient track, titled 'As you lay down before them'.

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Will Moor:

Exquisite Cynic:

Calming River:
Calming River
Calming River
Dear friends,

An ambient exclusive for you, dedicated to friends and family in Australia. There are no words.

'As You Lay Down Before Them' is currently available to stream exclusively on #Soundcloud. Please get in touch if you'd like to download the track — I can put it on Bandcamp and donate any income to the crisis fund.

The photograph accompanying the music is from my last Australian performance, taken by Mark Neal (Beautfort St Songwriter's Club, Perth), January 2017.

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