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Calming River

Alternative, melodic, intimate and beautiful—just some of the words used to describe the music of Calming River, the pseudonym of British born songwriter, Joshua Malcolm. The name may conjure tranquillity but there has always been a latent, opposing flow of tension and strife to be found—a fragility that emanates within delicate confine. Discography: 2017 single 'For The Echoes To See'. 2015 EP 'The Ones That We Left Behind'. 2014 EP 'Afflict and Redeem'. For more information please mail
Calming River
Calming River
An under appreciated Danish talent...
Calming River
Own Road
Here is another video of the Own Road band edition playing the song 'Bad News' earlier this year at Fanø Free Folk Festival. Video by Sound Of Perpetual Astonishment (SOPA).
Calming River
Calming River
Four years ago this month, this EP was released and well received. Recorded in Aarhus. Time flies and I struggle to listen to it now. There’s new stuff in the pipeline though.
#ep #altfolk #alternative
Calming River
Calming River
Rings, interlocked,
Around the city,
With the power out,

From out of town,
Inner circles,
That can not be found,

Now's the time for you to stand up,
Or forever hold the war,
Now's the time you are needed,
More than you ever thought,

Now you are needed.

Lyrics from a track I wrote a decade ago when writing about our capitalistic ventures. Just as applicable now, maybe more so, than they were then. The track never made it to an EP but perhaps it is time to change that?

Much respect to all those taking a stand.

#londonmusic #lyrics #xr
Calming River
Calming River
From Willows release out today...


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