Reviews for ‘The Ones That We Left Behind’: A synthesis

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Reviews for ‘The Ones That We Left Behind’: A synthesis


Here are various reviews of EP ‘The Ones That We Left Behind’. 

Music Crowns: “…perhaps one of the most impressive independent acoustic artists currently releasing music in Europe.”

Buzzjack: “Every so often an artist comes along who takes a well worn genre and makes you listen to it with fresh ears. The acoustic songwriter genre is one of the most saturated genres in music – but with Calming River, it seems somehow fresh.”

Andy Townsend’s Music Truck: “The new EP from Calming River is another example as to why this is one artist who stands out from the crowd.”

Mycatism Music: “It’s full of the sound of musical brilliance, each of the four tracks have their own personality whilst still sharing that intimate feel that defines Calming River.”

Brews And Reviews: “…a must buy for acoustic fans, or fans of plain good song writing.”

Trisickle: “A folk artist with a sound that fully encapsulates the word beautiful”

Whisperinandhollerin: 8/10—”Atmospheric and intoxicating”; “…and is a real thing of acoustic beauty”; “If this doesn’t move you, there’s something a bit wrong with you”.

Music Wont Save You: “…soaked with human frailty but with great expressive power, in a sad-core groove of suffused chamber traits.”

Real Music Network: “…boasts more depth than many full length albums. Take the song above, ‘Solemn Witness’ as an example. That soulful voice matches perfectly against the intricacies of the guitar work, making for a compelling sound all by itself. Add the emotional depth of the lyrics and you’ve got a real contender on your hands.”

Indie Music Mag: “…a four song collection which does a great job of showcasing why he is an artist in demand around Europe”.

Less Ordinary Folk: “It seems to have been a while since Glen Hansard, Damien Rice and Jose Gonzalez have released a notable record, and of course Elliot Smith is dearly departed. However, dark acoustic folk fans shouldn’t despair. New artist Calming River is proving to be a more than adequate fit for this gap in the market”

Local Music Scene: “…a haunting, goosebump-inducing atmosphere”; “For certain, a mesmerizing EP that is one of the most striking works of the genre to be produced this year.”

Gig Soup: “The album is intricate, emotional and dripping with a sad sense of things that ‘could have been’, telling a tale of mistakes and regret.”

The Music News Site: “…a relatively rare beast in the current musical climate. Able to travel far and wide and spread his beautiful music, he has used his road experiences and subtle style to build a reputation for high quality songs which speak volumes without relying on high volume.”

Golden Newbies: “It makes for songs that immediately make it clear which emotional space they’re in, and draws the listener in.”

Skip To The Good Hit: “Full of clever guitar melodies and a powerfully affecting combination of lyrics and vocal”.

Watch This Space Music Blog: “…should definitely be on the list of singer-songwriter lovers everywhere.”

Rhythm Raid: “Thoughtful and melancholic without straying into outright negativity, the EP is clearly the work of a man who knows his way around an acoustic guitar. The complexity of those acoustic guitar lines is astounding, and would make a fine instrumental album in their own right.

However, the lyrics add a new dimension, full of feeling and reality.”

Unfashionable Male: “…if you let him he’ll take you on a hell of a journey with this new EP.”

My First Stage: “…does a great job of first capturing the listener’s ear and then keeping the attention with superb song writing skill.”

Night Nurse: “…a dark atmosphere which is rescued from becoming maudlin through sheer talent.”