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Lyrics & Poems

2017 SINGLE: For The Echoes To See

For The Echoes To See
Went to the hilltop,
Looked out to life,
Saw your resting,
Realised that it’s time.

The river of the desert,
The knife of deceit,
Doesn’t cut a meaning,
Given more than you received.

I’ll go to an island,
Where you surround all that is I,
To consecrate the hollow,
To subjugate the lie, of I.

Bridge overhead,
For the echoes to see,
I know you’ll be waiting,
But that’s a land I’ll never be.

That’s a land I’ll never be.




1. The Actress pt. II
The first thing that came to my head,
Was when she said,
‘Can you wash away,
All the flames that I made?’.

And the first thing that came to mind,
Was the ones that we left behind,
Burning bright,
In the sea of yesterday.
This is the most beautiful fire I have ever seen.
This is the most beautiful fire there has ever been.

So try and swim to shore,
But the anchor that you adore,
Was thrown overboard,
A long, long, time ago.

And the first thing that burned away,
Were the pages,
That only you had seen.

This is the most beautiful fire I have ever lit.


2. Art of Wire

The clock strikes three,
Is this what you wanted to be?
Through mazes of years,
When will your fears end?

And art of wire.
Divide unity,
Liberty exiled.
Lookout posts on the inside,
And walls on the floor again.


3. Solemn Witness
I have never ever met someone like you,
Who has been through so much,
And still pulled through.

Memories new and old can come and go,
But the ones that stay you pray disappear.

And we talked about life.

You look behind but no-one is there,
But your eyes betray an affirmation of old.

And all she wants is a chance,
A chance to prove them wrong.
A solemn witness is all I am.


4. Inertia Fire
Inertia fire,
Shadows round,
Of untold times,
Ephemeral life,
Leaves red-dyed,
All that remains,
Blood stained steel,
Eight times tonight,
The sound of waiting to land.

This ghost of mine,
Inertia fire,
Scars and bleeds,
Eight lives tonight.
It’s shallow your high,
Remains to find,
The ghoul inside,
Inertia fire,
The sound of waiting to land.



1. The Ember
It’s funny how we end where we start,
The heads roll back,
The grandfather face, facing us.
But heads or tails? These tales are old.
And bear in mind, mind laid bare,
A piece of your heart in a piece of the dark.
Peace of mind,
It’s the war we find.
But heads or tails? Your tales are old.

The lights,
The lies,
The ember. You’re the ember.


2. Overcome
Questions—the only thing you knew.
And I could not answer.
Though your dreams remain,
A sunlight surrender storms.
But Ashley raises his hand and tells us that the rain is merely rain.

But I don’t know. Will we overcome?
Overcome…we will overcome?
Disciple. Decide on why. Disciple. Why?


3. March
This Wednesday we march to the tide,
Like when you had given in,
Yet still fight.
I couldn’t find the fire in your flames,
I could only hide,
Only ash remains.

Thursday we hear the sirens call,
Take care caretaker,
Forsaken us all.
Like a stranger to your child.

She didn’t die in my arms, but live in my heart.
She didn’t die in my arms, but die in my heart.
Like a stranger to your child.


4. Brother I
Brother I am here,
Watching you while your eyes blink.
You survived that storm somehow,
And when the winter came, I looked out.

When I laid low in the morning light,
You were young didn’t realise,
That one day the tide will turn,
Will turn to you and ask for a way out.

Brother we have grown,
Together we will grow,
Through this open maze,
Lose ourselves but not lose the bay.

Brother I am here,
Watching you while your eyes blink.
You’ll survive the storm somehow,
For when the winter comes I’ll look out.


5. Parrot Song
Tell us an old story.
Like one from season past.
You just write clichés,
To right the wrong,
That never, will ever, last.
Did you find the lost cause?

Tell us an old story.
The good they don’t get old.

Divide the inseparable,
A stoical portrayal of light,
A stoical betrayal of life.
Send the parrots down to the other side.

From the winter past,
The stolen years,
Conceal dreams that free.
When are you coming home?
There are fireworks,
Of black militarese,

Tell us an old story. The good they do not get old.


6. Stayed Home
Stayed home today,
Re-read your letter,
It put things into place,
A place of solace.

Stayed home today,
Foresaw your warning,
And all the woes in place,
Lie silent to the silent lies,
That you’re hiding. You’re hiding.

So now’s the time to face the mask,
The mask that hides us well,
Old man I see something of me in you,
Just be careful where you stand.

I’m watching you,
I’m watching it all fade away.
I’m watching you,
Watching you make the same mistake.

It’s not what you have,
It’s what you hold.
Hold on to these,
Precious dignities,
Don’t sell them on to me,
I’ve already paid.

So now to face the time of night,
Where I reside alone,
Young man I see something of me in you,
Just be careful where you stand.
Don’t throw it all away.


7. The Dirt
Mother can you see,
The dirt belongs to me.
As humble as the moon shines bright,
Your son goes down.
As humble as the moon shines bright,
Lies buried in the ground.

Memories spring lighted paths,
Lies that burn your bridges down.
Down the path she lays,
Just the debt to pay.

Afflict and redeem,
Afflict your love to me,
In memory,
The lights go out like the life within me.

Mother can’t you see, the dirt belongs to me.
Buried in the ground.


The Actress
Hawthorne tree,
Despondent looking down,
She sees the underground,
Justice he,
Shrapnel and shards,
Refigures her look,
But in this field of wood,
She remains,
So desolate.

The call for sleep,
Echoes from beneath,
That will not lay low.

She’s frightened by the rats at her feet,
Who scour for days without need,
Caught between their fate and hope.

For her sons, the ones who have won,
Who have all but lost.


To take or to lose,
To take or to lose,
To take or to lose.


Rings interlocked,
Around the city,
With the power out,
Voices from out of town,
Inner circles,
That can not be found.

Now’s the stand for you to stand up,
Or forever hold the war,
Now’s the time you are needed,
More than you ever thought.

Now you are needed.


Midnight Walls
Midnight walls,
Without a sight,
Faces black,
Hidden among the shadows of white.

Hello dear,
Are you far from Istanbul for another night?
Are you far?
Wonder whats been painted on.

And all the fears,
Never far.

Midnight falls,
To find his crown,
Reflective shields,
A feather of sound


The Hunting Ground
Pages turn on a clouded night,
The candle lights a clouded sight,
Smoke rises from the fallen,
And the joke reflects in vain.

Derogatory skies unspoken but thought,
Yet in a cloud they gather and redress the days of light.

The chill hits gold,
And someone is going home.

To face or to return,
To the impasse,
A bird without flight,
The sentry is coming and his premonitions are apt,
Hidden until dark,
Unerring until it is all quiet and inert,
They seize the day, avenge the way,
And lead us to the hunting ground.

Chased and chased on the carousel—the enmity of peace.
The blood somehow warm,
Perhaps the dogs like it that way,
Dead all but for fear.

Is it tepid, humble or unwise?
To stand and face the hunting ground.

Without a word, I cannot help but crawl,
I hear your voice, a voice laying low,
Let me hear, let the piano.

Chased and chased, life on a carousel,
I hear this voice—it sends me ’round again.